Роман Аранин

человек – самолет


My War!

Автор: Рома Аранин

za-mir-200x200Yes, I paralyzed, but not disabled.  I feel, I know for sure I am Able to fight!  fight for Peace!

Trying not to watch TV, because all TV channel now, doesn’t matter Russian, European or American, are  trying to spread  enmity and hatred  among us.   but if I had to see such news I feel they  are trying to involve me in to this information War.  then I am open my computer and start to work harder, work against War!  I really feel I am on my  front when writing  letter to  partners  in Sweden or discussing about joint-venture  with   our German partners. On  my War for Peace I am fighting 14  hours a  day to make our countries closer,  to  make people  on other side to see, we are friends, not  enemies.  I prove my self that doing business together  and earning money when  creating barrier free environment for disabled is much better, than kill each other to let some crazy politician to earn  money on  selling weapons  to all scared  Nations.   Let’s make business  and earn money for our families instead of War!  let’s travel to each other and study neighbors culture,   making our soul reacher, instead of  hate each other!  Let’s not step on same rake  like we did in 1914 and 1940.  let’s  fight for peace together!





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